Monday June 2nd

Seniors Only: excel final 2

Monday March 3rd

Part I: complete sign up for canvas:

A) go to email and check for canvas invite

B) if no email go to: canvas invite class code is J3AKX4

Part II: Begin Partner Data Project

Wednesday February 26th

  1. Fill out this form
  2. Take Quiz 1: note you can use excel for this quiz but, except for this one moment, you cannot use the internet

Monday February 24th

1) complete Lab 4 and turn in on edmodo (finish for homework – can check answers from hw tab)

2) WATCH VIDEO: regression equation    or  Review R-squared: video or  interpreting slope

(which ever one you feel you need)

There will be a big quiz on Wednesday on the following topics.

  • PV, FV, mortgage payments
  • characteristics of a scatter plot
  • correlation coefficient
  • when you can use linear regression
  • line of best fit – find and interpret

Go to PRACTICE or HELP for help

Wednesday Febraury 19th

I. Watch videos

a) Regression Equation minute 1:15 – 5:00 (optional: example of finding the equation)

b) lab 3: scatter plots

c) complete Lab 2

d) if unclear on r watch: Correlation Coefficient (optional: detailed discussion answering: what is correlation?)

HOMEWORK: watch these videos intro scatter plots  and intro to regressions minute 0-7:00 (expect your quiz to include questions based on these videos)

Wednesday February 5th

Fill out: student data

Watch Video: compounding interest

for help on financial functions look at:  Time Value Functions

Monday Febrary 3rd

Watch video: youtube

Listen to podcast: causation vs correlation

Write three paragraphs responding to the following:

1. What is the difference between correlation and causation?

2. Example of when people have mistaken correlation for causation and how these errors affected public policy and/or peoples behavior?

3. How do people determine when there is a causation (rather than just a correlation)?

Wedensday January 29th:

  1. Inserting columns & rows: written instructions or video
  2. Deleting blank rows & columns: video
  3. Find and Replace: video & written instructions
  4. Fit to one page: video & written instructions
  5. Merge Cells: video & written instructions
  6. Wrap text: video & written instructions
  7. Center vertically & horizontally:  written instructions
  8. Cell Styles:video & written instructions
  9. themes: video & written instructions
  10. Freeze Panes: video & written instructions
  11. If statements: video & written instructions
  12. Filter: video & written instructions
  13. Sparklines: video & written instructions
  14. PMT (loans): video & written instructions

Monday Jan 6th

  1. send me your warm up doc on edmodo  (I need to make sure edmodo is now working)
  2. figure out how to hide and unhide on excel: see video or quickly look at webpage
  3. figure out how to do conditional formatting: see video or quickly look at webpage
  4. begin lab 4 practice excel skills

Wednesday Dec 18th

  1. 68-95-99.7 rule: complete 3 problems and move on
  2. z-scores: complete 5 problems and move on
  3. using z-table: complete 5 problems and move on
  4. advanced z questions: complete 5 problems
  5. Q&A: complete exercise 1&2 using the z-table link.  Put answers and sketches on paper.

Monday Dec 16th

begin: lab 3 z and probabilty

Monday Dec 9th

A) watch video:z-scores  minute: START MIN 5 – STOP 13:00!!!

B) Refer to: Standardized Scores (another term for Z-SCORES)

C) lab 2 z-scores

Wednesday Dec 4th

A) watch video: intro to normal curve

B) Look at website: normal distribution

C) Use notes and website to answer questions: normal curve questionsand turn in on edmodo

D) Complete lab 1: intro to normal curve parts #2 and #3

Monday Dec 2nd

A) sign up on dropbox

B) watch video:z-score and normal distribution minute: 0 – 4:56!!!

In your notes:  

standard deviation stays the same when…..

standard deviation changes when…..

C) lab 1: intro to normal curve:  #1 SD & MEAN complete questions 1-9

Monday & Wednesday November 18th & 20th

A) Complete #1 on Lab 6: Expected Value

B) Listen to: Geometric models and take notes:  STOP AT MINUTE 8:00

C) #2 on Lab 6: Geometric Probability

D)  Look at: examples of binomial probability

E) notes on: Binomial distribution: START AT 9:00 AND STOP AT 18:00

F) #3 on Lab 6: Binomial Probability

G) #4 on Lab 6: Homework Problems

Wednesday October 30th

Part I: Expected Value Worksheet

Part II: Permutation and Combinations Worksheet

Video:  basics of expected value and   example problem expected value and expected value on excel

Video:  , Finding permutations an combinations on EXCEL, and more info on web HERE

Tuesday October 15th

Watch the video: Probability Part I (you can start at minute 3:30)

While watching take notes on the following:

1. Outcome

2. Trial

3. Three types of probability:

a) Subjective

b) Classical

c) Emperical

2. Probability Distribution

3. Complement

4. General Rule of Addition

5. Joint Event

6. Dependent vs Independent Event

7. Multiplication Rule

Wednesday September 25th

I. Earbuds out (or use class headphones) and watch video on summation: summation symbol MINUTE 0:55 – 2:35

II. Earbuds out (or use class headphones) and watch video on graphing: 5 Thrilling minutes of Learning about Graphs

III. Begin lab 5

September 11th

Welcome to the class website.  You will have this website for checking homework assignments and getting help on stats topics as well as excel.  We also use another website,, to turn in assignments. is similar to facebook, though it is developed specifically for classrooms..

Go to right now and join using the following code:

period 6: gtc3m9

period 7: q4e4ll

period 8: f8kwxb

When done:  quietly watch the Simpson’s, “MoneyBART”

you will need to scroll down and click on, “click here to watch free”



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