Class Info

PCC Excel Course: last day to register Friday December 13th

Directions on how to REGISTER is found at:

CRN: 18472

Directions on how to DROP is found at:


Mona Schraer  503-916-5160 x 75728

Room 228


SUPPLIES: If there is a problem getting any of these supplies please speak with me and I can help.

  • Spiral Notebook with 2 sections or a binder with two sections: homework and notes
  • Calculator (preferably a graphing calculator)
  • 4 Dry erase markers
  • Text Book (optional): Intro Stats second edition by De Veaux, Velleman, & Bock ISBN 0-321-28671-5

We have a classroom set of the textbook but if you want to have your own copy for use at home you will need to purchase one.  You can find used copies between one to five dollars on line.  The text book information is below:

GRADING: Grading will be based on a percentage of the following items.

Category Percentages
Classwork and Homework


Tests and Projects


Please note that Extra Credit is given minimally throughout the year and can account for no more than 2% of the total points possible.  Semester grades are continuous over the two quarters and start over at the beginning of 2nd semester.  Quarter grades are not averaged.



When absent for a test or project, students have one week to make up the missed exam (outside of class).  Full credit will only be given on homework that is completed on time.  Credit will be given for late homework if completed before the chapter test for a maximum of 60%.

RETAKES: Exam retakes will be given during tutorial up till two weeks before the end of the grading period.  Students may retake exams if they meet the following criteria:

  1. Come to tutorial and go over exam you want to retake
  2. Test corrections from the first test are completed.

The score on the retake will stand as the official grade even if it is lower than the original grade.


The best way to communicate with me outside of class time is by email,, or on (more information on that later).


Any form of academic dishonesty, is grounds for disciplinary action, from receiving a failing grade on an assignment or test, to suspension, to failing a class.  See Student Responsibilities, Rights and Discipline Handbook for details.


Electronic Devices of any type may not be used in my classroom.


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