Unit III: Normal Distribution


  1. standardizing scores: start at minute 5!!!
  2. Interactive: See changes in mean and standard deviation on the curve
  3. Video: clear intro to z-scores and how to find z-score
  4. Video: Showing how to draw normal curve and find z-scores
  5. Video: questions on z-score with detail explanation of how to solve
  6. Video: long but good details walking you through the normal curve to z-score
  7. Read:  Clear explanation of the normal distribution
  8. Read  explanation & examples for the normal distribution
  9. Read a Chapter about Normal Distribution and Z-scores
  10. Video: The normalized Z -score – using it to find mean and standard deviation
  11. Practice: Problems on Kahn Academy
  12. Illistration of basic probability: the normal distribution (watch it form as balls drop through a series of pins)
  13. See video on explaining normal distribution on Kahn Academy


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