Unit II: Probability


  1. Basic Knowledge you have to have when starting Probability 
  2. Addition Rule Video
  3. Multiplication Rule Video
  4. Compliment Rule Video
  5. Conditional Rule Video and more and more
  6. Expected Value Videos:  basics of expected value and   example problem expected value
  7. Bays Theorem Part I and Part II and Part III
  8. Lecture on Permutations and Combinations
  9. Geometric and Binomial Probability Models


  1. Mutually exlcusive, Compliments, and Independent Events
  2. Conditional Probability
  3. Addition and Multiplication Rule
  4. CONDITIONAL PROBABILITY: do the following three:
  5. #1) Video on general idea  of conditional probability: STOP AT 5 MINUTES!!!
  6. #2 More details on using the equation Video 1
  7. # 3 using excel as your calculator complete Conditional Probability problems : write you answers on a piece of paper.
  8. Video: Independent Events II & Multiplication Rule
  9. Video: Compliment Rule (stop at around 7min 30 seconds)
  10. Certain and Impossible Events
  11. Sample Spaces
  12. Complement of an Event
  13. Mutually Exclusive Events
  14. Addition Rules
  15. Independent Events
  16. Dependent Events
  17. Event given another event occurred
  18. Quiz yourself and see how you are doing
  19. Quiz yourself and see how you are doing – Challenge
  20. More Advanced Topics in Probability:
  21. Clear Explanation of Combination and Permutations
  22. Binomial Probability Model: Basic Definitions

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