Links to Q&A worksheets on all units

UNIT IV:  Regression and Correlation

  1. Test Review with Answers
  2. interpret_slope examples
  3. Sigma Problems
  4. Sigma: summation
  5. Correlation
  6. More Correlation problems
  7. Scatterplots
  8. Scatterplots
  9. Line of Best Fit – Khan Academy

UNIT III: Normal Distribution

  1. 68-95-99.7 Rule
  2. Practice normal distribution problems: start on page 32
  3. z-scores (level 1-3)
  4. Normal Distribution and Standard Deviation 
  5. Textbook Problem Set pages 121-126
  6. Mean real world problems
  7. Standard Deviation & More Standard Deviation
  8. Q&A on normal distrubution

UNIT II: Probability

  1. Mutually exclusive, independent events, and compliments: This LinkBasic Probability Questions
  2. Harder Multiplication rule probability questions
  3. Independent Events
  4. Dependent Events
  5. Expected Value on page 14 (there is also great stuff before and after)
  6. Conditional Probability
  7. Practice Exam Questions
  8. Practice Problems #1-9: answers at the bottom
  9. Expected value with worked out answers
  10. Expected Problems: problems with detailed answers
  11. Binomial Distribution: questions and answers
  12. Interactive Permutations and Combinations (Kahn)
  13. Permutations and Combinations
  14. Mutually exlcusive, Compliments, and Independent Events
  15. Conditional Probability
  16. Addition and Multiplication Rule
  17. CONDITIONAL PROBABILITY: do the following three:
  18. Conditional Probability – example of a drug testing
  19. #1) Video on general idea  of conditional probability: STOP AT 5 MINUTES!!!
  20. #2 More details on using the equation Video 1
  21. # 3 using excel as your calculator complete Conditional Probability problems : write you answers on a piece of paper.
  22. Video: Independent Events II & Multiplication Rule
  23. Video: Compliment Rule (stop at around 7min 30 seconds)
  24. Certain and Impossible Events
  25. Sample Spaces
  26. Complement of an Event
  27. Mutually Exclusive Events
  28. Addition Rules
  29. Independent Events
  30. Dependent Events
  31. Event given another event occurred
  32. Quiz yourself and see how you are doing
  33. Quiz yourself and see how you are doing – Challenge
  34. More Advanced Topics in Probability:
  35. Clear Explanation of Combination and Permutations
  36. Binomial Probability Model: Basic Definitions

UNIT I: Describing Data

  1. Box and Whisker Problems
  2. Fun Quiz on Box and Whisker Plots: check answers and get score
  3. Central Tendency Problems
  4. Variability Problems
  5. Mean Median Mode
  6. Mean real world problems
  7. Standard Deviation & More Standard Deviatio

UNIT VII: Hypothesis Testing

  1. On-line Quiz: z-values
  2. Confidence interval questions
  3. P-value questions
  4. Confidence interval quiz
  5. Margin of error and confidence interval questions
  6. Hypothesis questions with solutions
  7. More Hypothesis questions and solutions
  8. Sample problems with solutions

UNIT VI: Samples and Surveys

  1. More Confidence interval questions
  2. Confidence interval quiz
  3. Margin of error and confidence interval questions


UNIT V: Linear Regressions

Best Fit

UNIT VI: Probability Take II

Counting Possibilities



Permutations and Combinations


T-test questions


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