Media Links


How Company’s Learn your Secrets: How Target gets you to shop there

Video: Importance of Shape in Looking at Statistical Data, Hans Rosling

Video: Hans Rosling: What does data really show?

Video: Animating data in Real Space – An example

Era Of The Super Cruncher: the replacement of expertise and intuition by objective, data-based decision making

Adventures in Data Mining: Data Mining can find things one never imagined


video: probability of finding love (start at minute 2:00)

Podcast: How to Draw Probability Trees   (start at minute 1:35)

Podcast: Probability Trees to Calculate Probability

Podcast: Calculate Probability

The Streak of Streaks by Stephen Jay Gould
“Nothing ever happened in baseball above and beyond the frequency predicted by coin-tossing models” Joe DiMaggio’s fifty-six–game hitting streak in 1941


Youtube: Correlation vs. Causation: Ice cream and Polio

Youtube: more detailed discussion of correlation vs. causation

Podcast: Correlation vs. Causation: What Causes What?

Podcast: Excel Errors: How much do we trust Economist?


Pod cast: Poll Results and Statistics

The Median Isn’t the Message by Stephen Jay Gould



Statistics Done Wrong – Online Book

Importance of Statistics

Statistics in Everyday Life


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